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Jerash Festival slated to open July 20

جوردان تايمز -

AMMAN (JT) - The government on Saturday said it is determined to hold Jerash Festival this summer, describing the event as a significant cultural landmark demanded by all.

In a press conference Saturday, Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit said the festival will start July 20 and last for two weeks.

"Cultural life in Jordan is ongoing along with political reforms and although some activities of the festival will be held during Ramadan, we are determined to go ahead with the event," the premier said.

"The festival comes at a time when there are developments around us, but our message to the entire world is that life is stable and we expect a good tourism season as far as Arab tourists are concerned," Bakhit added.

In March this year, the government said it plans to revive Jerash Festival, which was first launched in 1981, after the “substitute proved to be not up to the message intended from the festival".

In 2008, authorities launched Jordan Festival, a nationwide theme-oriented event under which Jerash Festival became a component, a move that faced bitter criticism from fans, artists and associations.

At the time, officials said the idea of Jordan Festival was to hold activities in different parts of the country to promote the Kingdom’s archaeological sites.

In May of this year, the Cabinet formed a committee to supervise the Jerash and Amman festivals and coordinate with the organisers of all other festivals in the Kingdom.

Headed by Senator Fayez Tarawneh, it groups the ministers of culture, tourism and media affairs, Senator Aqel Beltaji, Shabib Ammari, Jerash Mayor Ziad Manasir, JAA president, Ahmad Hawamdeh and a representative of the Jordan Armed Forces.